But I warn you; it is not that easy.

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Soft drinks have almost eradicated traditional beverages in Nicaraguan households, and along with them, diabetes and pollution have arrived.

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Healthy humans like to fantasize about the mightiness, uniqueness, and perfectness of their kind. However, upon closer examination, humans are not very well designed.

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Babyproofing your home is not just about covering furniture edges or electric sockets.

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Learning how to code can be difficult especially if you make these common mistakes.

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Studying Too Much or Not Enough

After learning about a crime committed by a child I saw growing up, I am conflicted.

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Do not leave your great ideas in the shower anymore. There are two simple methods to save them all.

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A common Christian belief that often blindsight them from seeing the good of humankind.

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You may have heard that PHP is a worthless programming language, and that is dying, but what are the facts?

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Paola Perez

Nature-loving, interested in cultural and social issues. paolavanessahidalgo.space

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