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Gardening is a great activity for outdoor lovers. Gardening not only helps us connect with the planet more intimately, it also brings lots of mental and physical benefits to our life. Moreover, there are plenty of house plants for those who have allergies or no outdoor space for a garden…

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Falling in love is an amazing and beautiful experience. However, that magical feeling called love overpowers one's reasoning abilities and sends away all manner of critical thinking. You think that love is all you need to change the world. …

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We have all done things we feel ashamed of — things we wish we had never done, and we grieve excessively over them. But as you know, there is nothing to amend when things are done.

If you are suffering over a mistake you made, living life like it is…

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You are in love with someone who wants to move on. You are in pain, and even the thought of a life without them kills you. I understand — I have been there before, most people have.

Still, you are unable to accept the end of the relationship, and I…

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If you find yourself longing for a lost love, you are not alone. Humans have been dealing with this problem for millenniums. This terrible ailment has led people to great misery and unhappiness. …

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The Maya, the Indus. Çatalhöyük, the Mississippians, and the Persian civilization are amongst the many great civilizations in human history. Civilizations so grand and prosperous that some even believe their success was only possible with the help of extraterrestrial beings.

Since long ago, humans have built wonderful architecture, formed organized…

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Oh, beautiful garden! My striking delight

You bring me much wonder. What a pretty sight!

You give me joy and grand happiness

In you, there is beauty and great tenderness

I know all of you from bulbs and seedlings.

When you have needed help, I have offered you healings


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Gardening is an amazing hobby. It is entertaining and beneficial in many ways. I have always loved gardening. My dream was to own at least one acre of land to have all kinds of vegetables and ornamental plants. Who wouldn’t want that?

However, as I’ve grown and learned new things…

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I had been feeling sick for days. I thought it was due to stress and sleepless nights. My husband suggested I took a pregnancy test, and I burst out in laughter. “I can’t be pregnant. That’s impossible,” I replied. …

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Once upon a winter morning, I sat at my desk, sleep and food-deprived. All I could think of was lunch and the terrible headache that prevented me from getting any work done. Times were rough, and I was burned out. Suddenly my sister called me, weeping, unable to utter any…

Paola Perez

Nature-loving, interested in cultural and social issues.

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